Sunday, 13 January 2008

STYLE AWARD - Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is yet another Red Carpet beauty. Outfit after outfit, she consistently dazzles and outshines her fellow celebrities. Jessica recently topped a poll of the girl men would most like to have as their girlfriend. Its pretty easy to see why. The girl sure knows how to pose, and soon she will be posing for 2. Her now confirmed pregnancy will only heighten the press attention she gets, and I am sure she will deliver great maternity outfits for the photographers too...

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I love the glam up-do in the pic above. This is a killer pose too, completely showstopping.

Photo Credit: msnbc

This hairstyle is something I would see myself having. The gentle flicks are really cute, and wow... the teeth must be whitened!

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Jessica shows she can do casual just as well with this strapless dress. Loving the bag too, there is nothing like an over sized metallic bag.

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This look is really natural, gentle waves and neutral make up mean the Bright red dress gets most of our attention.
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