Sunday, 6 January 2008

STYLE AWARD - Diane Kruger


Diane's face has recently become a regular appearance in fashion magazines. Partly due to the fact that she cannot be faulted for her Red Carpet outfits . Her one-off Chanel Gown below is absolutely beautiful.

Photo Credit: lizblog

This white Grecian dress shows off her golden tan and creates a great silhouette, with a tiny nipped in waist that we can all but envy.

Photo Credit:

The choice below was slightly braver, but I love it none the less. It is a fun look with on-trend tassles.

Photo Credit: entamehollywood

I love this loose ponytail which looks as if it took 2 minutes, but in reality is likely to have taken far longer. I also love the simplicity of her make-up with an emphasis on creating rosy cheeks.

Photo Credit: hpfgdr.forumcommunity

This daytime outfit is something that any of us could copy at high street prices, which is why I think it is so great. Diane can go from one-off Chanel gowns, to everyday simple dresses without losing an ounce of style.

Photo Credit: svensktmode

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