Wednesday, 23 January 2008

BEAUTY - Get Your Glow Back

Photo Credit: georg69de on Flickr

That bronzed glow from summer may seem a distant memory, but there are ways to get your radiance back at this time of year...
  • Exercise. Keep the blood flowing and encourage good circulation
  • A good diet. Getting all your nutrients will make skin appear healthier.
  • Bronzer. If all else fails a good bronzer will take the edge off pale skin. A quick dusting of a caramel based bronzer each morning makes all the difference. Avoid orange toned bronzers which will be far too harsh.
  • Exfoliate. Get rid of those dull, dead skin cells, and that is true for your body too. Body brush every day.
  • Pamper. Try a face mask, or peel off mask.
  • Moisturise. Use gradual tanning moisturisers which are much more natural looking than fake tan.
  • Colours. Try wearing jewel and berry tones such as emerald green, ruby red, fuchsia and royal blue. Steer clear of pastels and silvers which are likely to wash you out more.
  • Supplements. Take a vitamin or supplement to ensure you are getting all that your body needs.
  • Protect. Always wear a sunscreen, winter sun can still age your skin and that will zap away your glow quicker than a pale complexion.
  • Enjoy. Rope in a partner or friend to give you a massage. Its great again for circulation, and well being.
  • Lifestyle. Avoid alcohol and if you smoke try and give up. Take out the toxins and your skin will thank you.
  • Sleep. Get enough sleep and make sure it is quality. Turn off any appliances which might interrupt your slumber.
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