Wednesday, 19 December 2007


SEXIEST SKIRTS . . . . fashion
Fishtail midi length skirts give the female body a great shape. The skirt needs to be really snug over the hips, bum and thighs, but not at the waist. Hour-glass shapes will look particularly good in this type of skirt, but anyone can work the look. It is a style that transcends office to party and is dressed up with a few strategic accessories and a subtle flash of cleavage. Don't forget the heels as this skirt doesn't work so well with flats. The skirt below from Topshop also happens to be in this season's 'in' fabric, satin.

Satin Fishtail Pencil Skirt - Topshop - £30

DECEMBER WEATHER . . . . health
Women are generally more likely to feel the cold than men. Part of this stems from being set up to bear children (always the reason), we also tend to have less muscle and more fat which contributes to the problem. Dehydration can be partly to blame, so make sure you are drinking enough water. Other ways to warm up are to have a hot drink or hot food. If you are stationary for long periods of time, make sure you get up and walk around regularly which should help, I am also partial to some fleecy socks worn with my boots. Nice and cosy!

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FAB FLICKS . . . . hair
Flicks work best on hair that already has layers in it and can be a quick fix for dressing things up. You can either get the look by blow drying hair using a small round brush, curling the ends up and outwards. The easier method though, is with hair straighteners, by running them through the hair and flicking outwards at the ends. It literally takes a couple of minutes, and with a quick spritz of hairspray the style will last all night. I recommend MOP Hairspray. For a less fixed flick, add a little wax or pomade gently to the ends to create some definition.

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