Sunday, 16 December 2007


Rihanna is young, modern and fashionable. She consistently gets her make up spot on and it is not by playing safe. She tries lots of different looks, and often quite wild colours. She does have a perfect skin tone to carry it off and others would struggle to copy the looks that she seems to manage so effortlessly. Below, Rihanna was an early trend setter for the body con / bandage dress look.

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As for fashion sense I love the way she adopted the metallics trend early on, with skyscraper silver heels and wide waist cinching belts. She is a care free female and her look reflects this. Not only that, she has a body to die for and this enables her to wear outfits much skimpier than many other celebs could get away with. She is not afraid to go for the boldest of colours but knows to keep the make up toned down when she does, as below.

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Check out the 'Shut up and drive' video below and look out for some killer heels. I am not a fan of the big gold hoops but apart from that she epitomises the sexy look.

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