Saturday, 29 December 2007

STYLE AWARD - Corrine Bailey Rae

Corrine Bailey Rae

There is something childlike and angelic about her style yet also elegance. This simple BadgleyMischka dress is so perfect on her. And I love the sparkling shoes as well. For curly hair pinning sections up is a great way to add glamour for a take on the classic up-do, it takes the heaviness away from the face and shows off a shapely jawline.

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She wears barely a scrap of make up, but she doesn't have to. Her features are delicate and pretty without any enhancement at all. If only we all were blessed with her natural beauty.

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Her signature look, is the pretty dress. Often Strapless and nearly always short in length which accentuates her great legs. It is a great look for a party, perfect in fact for New Years Eve so get your frocks out! Warehouse is a great place to look for a strapless dress especially now as it is sale time.
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