Tuesday, 11 December 2007

HINTS, TIPS & TRICKS Press ups and glossy hair


DO BOY PRESS UPS . . . . body

Give yourself a challenge and work your upper body, shoulders and chest. Start off with, 2-3 times a week, doing half press ups (resting on your knees instead of your toes). The spine should still be in a straight line and the bottom not lifted. Once this becomes easier add some full press ups until you have the strength to do full sets. Then impress your male friends by making it look easy! Visit www.shape.com for help on doing the exercise correctly.

LACKLUSTRE HAIR . . . . beauty
If your hair could do with a boost try this; once a week wash your hair with your usual shampoo then use an intensive conditioner. Immediately follow this with your normal conditioner and the last rinse should be with cold water. Shiny, gorgeous hair will be yours. Just remember to use heat protection products if you regularly use a hairdryer or hair straighteners.
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