Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Issue 9 - Ruffles, Lip Scrub and Chocolate


RUFFLED . . . . trends
Celebs everywhere are sporting ruffles and the trend works fabulously with party dresses for Christmas time. Anything goes with this look from big and bold ruffles, to smaller ones and more subtle garment details. If you are slim, satin ruffle dresses are great. If you lack a little confidence then a more floaty fabric will work better and is good for hiding problem tummies.

SCRUB UP WELL . . . . beauty
Forget using an old toothbrush to smooth flaky winter lips, try a lip scrub instead. Sara Happ has a selection of scrubs including brown sugar, almond creme and peppermint but these are a little steep at £19.95. I recommend making your own. Buy a pot of lip balm ( my choice would be a soft coconut or vanilla) then add some sugar and mix together. You may need a little plastic pot to transfer it to but you have saved a few pennies and it tastes pretty sweet too!

BONDAGE . . . . accessories
This trend can be pulled off top to toe by celebs such as Victoria Beckham, but for mere mortals I say stick to accessories only. PVC bags, belts and shoes are all the rage. Zips, studs and buckles are key components. Check out Primark who have shiny red and black pumps for a super cheap £4. Finish the look with some black nail varnish and black skinny jeans.

FRINGE BENEFITS . . . . hair
Kate Moss and Cheryl Tweedy have recently gone for the chop with a blunt, heavy fringe. This is the perfect time of year for it as you won't feel all hot and bothered. Ask you hairdresser for a fringe that will suit your face shape.


This website have a t-shirt for everyone! All the classics, retro styles, cult faves and even hoodies. They have long list of celebrities who have been spotted wearing truffle shuffle t-shirts including Paris Hilton, Noel Fielding, Carmen Electra and Eva Mendes. Don't be the last to get one.


Giant slabs - £11.50 - Hotel Chocolat

Indulge yourself, or a friend (if you can share) with one of these giant slabs of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. 500g of chocolate and the finest ingredients, varieties of which are regularly updated. I can recommend the 'Rocky Road' and 'triple chocolate wham bam', and I quite fancy trying the 'Chilli and Orange' one too. Try not to eat it all at once!


100% Silk Turquoise Quilt - £175 - Kanzi

This fair trade company have a selection of lovely items for the home including this extremely irresistable quilt. The floral design seems to shimmer and the turquoise is positively mood lifting. I feel like redecorating my bedroom just so it will match. Available from 8th January 2008.

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