Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Issue 8 - Clutch Bags, Biker Boots and Eyeliner


GREY MATTER . . . . trends
Grey is great at the moment for all occasions; from officewear to parties, the gym to the pub. If you are going for the secretary look, then flash a little flesh to avoid looking a bit boring. For parties, simply add some sparkle and for everyday mix with vibrant coloured accessories for contrast. Anything from pale grey to charcoal will do and it really makes a change from black. If it is good enough for Victoria Beckham...

CLUTCH CONTROL . . . . accessories
All the celebs have been sporting oversized 80's clutch bags. Its great news for those who like to be able to fit something in their bag when they go out. I am loving the bright coloured ones and weathered metallics. Just stick it under your arm and ooze glamour, no effort required!

FLICKS . . . . beauty
Eyeliner has gone all Amy Winehouse on us this winter. Flicks are back! This look needs a good base and fairly neutral eyes, I go for a shimmer eyeshadow just across the lids. Then with a steady hand, use a good liquid or soft pencil in black to follow the line of the top lid flicking upwards at the far corners of the eyes. Avoid any liner below and add lots of mascara for perfect party eyes. For a funky twist try out the bright coloured eyeliners which all the beauty ranges seem to have at the moment. My favourites are the limited edition No7 liquid eyeliners at £8.50 each at Boots.

XMAS INSPIRATION . . . . shopping
If you are stuck for present ideas then you should get online! Visit websites and check out their most popular buys and you will come across things that you hadn't thought of. This is a great tip for boys in particular , try the following for the men in your life; (free delivery)

BIKER BOOTS . . . . footwear
Thank the lord for an excuse to dress down. There are some great black biker boots in shops at present. Wear with short skirts and tights and try to avoid wearing with trousers, it doesn't look nearly so cool. Detailing and buckles are great and make sure they are flat, heels are not the look. You needn't ever get on that motorbike at all. Boots (right) from Faith.

the most wonderful selection of jewellery can be found at Anna Lou's. From retro chic strawberry necklaces, to delicate gold earrings, brightly coloured bangles and funky rainbows. Not only that there are watches, hair accessories and bags. Great for gifts (or treating yourself), the items may not the cheapest but they look great!


Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist 35ml - Chanel - £20
I have loved this fragrance since I first smelled it. The hair mist is light and leaves hair smelling just plain gorgeous. It also has ingredients designed to keep hair silky and smooth and protects against drying. The bottle is small enough to fit in your handbag too so you can keep it to hand. It is most definitely on my Christmas list!!


Drop Waist Cocktail Dress - Marc Jacobs - £1720
This dress is really different to most other dresses around. The black and pale pink satin are really luxurious and the vertical stripes create flattering lines. A pleated mini that would need tanned, toned legs and towering heels. If you can manage the hefty price tag, pick it up at

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