Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Issue 7 - bubble hems, tanning and Quirky cuffs.


BUBBLE HEM . . . . trends
The bubble hem is a big shape for skirts and dresses this season. If you are petite you will be able to work the look in thicker, stiffer fabrics as they create volume. If like me, you are not a waif, opt for heavier jersey fabrics as the double layer which creates the bubble hem will hide lumps and bumps. Many of the prom style dresses which are abundant across the high street at the moment, incorporate this hemline.

COST PER WEAR . . . . clothes
If you spend £1 on a top and wear it once, you haven't really lost out. If you paid £100 and wore it once then that is a waste. I believe in spending money on the wardrobe staples such as black trousers and a good pair of black boots for example. In fact, any items that don't date and that you will wear again and again. For everything else there is Primark (among others). Bargain shopping is a good way to follow the fleeting trends, and don't assume that an inexpensive item is of poor quality. It is a good idea to learn how to sew on the occasional button though!

TANTASTIC! . . . . beauty
Fake tanning can be a nightmare, especially if you have naturally pale skin. One way to avoid the tell tale marks is to use gradual tanning moisturisers. I keep a couple of different ones and alternate them to ensure my tan stays natural looking. The colour, texture and tones of these sprays and lotions vary so by switching back and forth you make the colour appear even. If you notice any problem areas, exfoliate and moisturise well.

QUIRKY CUFFS . . . . accessories
I love the chunky and elaborate cuffs which are all the rage at the moment. Hammered gold, jewelled and embellished in particular. To really make an impact wear a few different ones on the same arm, but keep other jewellery minimal to showcase your arm candy. My favourite range has to be ASOS Luxe. The snake jewelled bangle is to die for.

The weather is freezing at the moment and Cult has the biggest range of women's hoodies I have seen. I absolutely love the ones with shiny metallic motifs as it makes them girly too. Not only that, they have a huge range of branded t-shirts and other clothing, all of which can be viewed from every angle with their 360 degree spin technology.


Barry M Dazzle Dust - £4.50
Every woman should have some dazzle dust in her make-up kit and although it has been around for ages, Barry M still have the biggest and best range of colours. Perfect for glamming it up at the Christmas Party!


Block Patterned Trench Coat - £55.00

This coat from rare fashion is perfect for rainy days. I love the slight fabric detailing which makes it that bit more interesting than just another mac. If only I hadn't already got my black trench for this winter! Get yours at Rarefashion.


Q - How do I wear the 'volume' look dress without appearing as if I'm wearing a tent?

A - I would advise wearing a stretch belt just under the bust as this emphasizes the narrowest point of the body. There are lots of 'wrestler' style belts about too which can be used to create an hourglass figure or alternatively, a tied ribbon will do the same thing. Otherwise you can wear heavy beads, layered and knotted which will fall between the breasts and flatten the material across the stomach. I hope this helps, but do remember to only follow the trend if it flatters your body shape.

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