Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Issue 6 - Embellishment, Long Lashes and Bold Necklaces


EMBELLISHMENT . . . . trend
This look is everywhere at the moment. From dresses to shoes, bags to jewels. Dress it down with jeans and brass detailing or glam things up with a shift mini dress and shimmering silver. Monsoon has this trend covered, as does Warehouse and Miss Selfridge. I also love the jewelled pumps which have littered the high street recently.

One of the best ways to de-clutter your dressing table is with glassware. I have found glass kitchen storage jars or cubes are ideal for holding cotton wool, cotton buds and make-up. A simple glass bud vase doubles up as a bangle holder and tea-light holders can keep rings and studs neat and to hand. If you want to protect the surface of your dressing table consider getting an off-cut of funky lino (yes really!). Mine is glittery silver and protects from any accidental spillages.

A COOL WORKOUT . . . . fitness
Getting too hot and bothered at the gym can sometimes slow you down. To keep your cool and help you last longer, try putting ice cubes in your water bottle. Not only will it refresh and hydrate you, but the body burns more calories drinking icy water than it does water at room temperature. That can't be a bad thing!

STATEMENT NECKLACES . . . . accessories
Prepare to stand out and find a necklace that makes a statement. The key to this look is a low neckline and an outfit which is simple in colour and style. In the past, the look for necklaces has been long and layered but now you should opt for something bold and chunky. Topshop have plenty to choose from.

Various celebs have been spotted wearing Mina including Kylie and Sienna Miller but the clothes are surprisingly affordable. Have a browse as there are some fab chunky waist belts, gorgeous clutch bags and really original dresses.

Rimmel Lash Maxxx Mascara
I have tried just about every mascara on the market and I am so fussy. I like a good black mascara which will lengthen and thicken without being too wet and causing clumps. This mascara is the best I have tried for a long time. It has a plastic comb style brush which is pretty much mess free and it gives lashes volume worth shouting about.


Julie Pettitt Cupcake Ceramics
I don't need them, I have absolutely no use for them, but I want them regardless. They are just so pretty. There are lots of other girly ceramics on the Julie Pettitt website too. Check it out!

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