Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Issue 5 - Sequins, Lip Plumping and Amethyst Eyes

ORANGES AND LEMONS . . . . trends
Now the days are shorter we could all do with cheering up. Inject some Sunshine
into your wardrobe by buying a coat in a zesty colour. Primark have a great jacket in Bright yellow or Green for just £12. To make it work stick to bold block colours, in thick fabrics. Avoid patterns as they don't have the same impact and if you can't carry off quite so much colour, try a brightly coloured scarf instead.

CHANGING ROOMS . . . . shopping

Only buy clothes that make you feel good when you wear them and are comfortable. When you try on clothes in a changing room there are 3 tests you can do. 1 - Bend over, 2 - Sit down, 3 - Raise arms above head.
Clothes will look and feel completely different when you have moved about in them. If you constantly have to pull your trousers up, or your top down then the garment doesn't fit.

CONTACTS . . . . beauty
If you wear
contact lenses and fancy a bit of an image change, consider trying coloured lenses. A subtle colour change will make people notice a
difference that they can't put their finger on. Specsavers sell pairs of monthly lenses for just £13, although you will
need an additional coloured lens appointment. My favourites are Amethyst and True Sapphire in the ColourBlends range.

VEGETABLE / SHOE RACK . . . . home
It sounds a little odd, but one of the best warddrobe storage solutions i have at home is a 3 tier metal vegetable rack which I bought from ASDA for £5.00. I don't put my veg in it, I store my shoes in it and it sits neatly inside my wardrobe. Don't be afraid to use objects for purposes they were not designed for.
WEIGHT TRAINING . . . . fitness
If you are trying to tone up its a good idea to work with weights. Many wome
n think that they should only use very light weights to avoid getting bulky but women really don't bulk up like men do. Use a slightly heavier weight than you would usually but work in front of a mirror so you can check your technique. Do each exercise slowly and ask you instructor to show you if you are new to it. If you want ideas on exercises check out Shape online where you can search for exercises by the area of the body you want to target.

1940s and 50s authentic underwear, swimwear, corsets and accessories including the odd nipple tassle. If you aren't quite brave enough to compete with Dita Von Teese then opt for the cool calendar instead.


Too Faced Lip Injection - around £10
This is Hollwood's so called favourite lip plumper and it really does do the job. You don't get much product for your money, but a little goes a long way. Be careful not to get lip plumpers on your face as they do cause redness and irritation. You can buy Too faced products at Debenhams and Boots or visit the brand's website for more info.

Fancy Dress - £130 - French Connection
I have seen alot of sequinned shift dresses in the shops at the moment but
this is by far my favourite. The colour is great and it remains classy rather than brash. The only problem is that it is dry-clean only and not that practical as you are bound to rip off a few of the sequin discs.

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