Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Issue 3 - Shimmer, Pashminas and Parisian Chic


PARISIAN CHIC . . . . trend
The base of this look is black but injections of colour such as red, bright green or blue work well. Try thick tights with mini or knee length skirts and long scarves. To finish the look try a beret. My favourite is a black sequin detailed beret from River Island, costing £12.00.

'OUT WITH THE OLD' . . . . clothes
Just because it was purchased 3 years ago, doesn't mean it is unwearable now. Some trends come and go, some do roundabouts but some will never die and many of your wardrobe staples will not have dated. What you do need to throw out are any items with holes or bobbles and items which are discoloured, faded or mishapen. This is more important than how long ago it was purchased.

PASHMINAS . . . . accessories
I always keep a black pashmina, and a few in various colours. They brighten up any outfit and are versatile too. Pin a brooch and drape around the shoulders for an evening cover up. Or liven up a dark winter outfit by using one as an alternative to a normal scarf. My favourite way to wear is to fold the scarf lengthwise, wrap around the neck and pull the ends through the loop. Instant style (and warmth). You don't need to spend a fortune, and it doesn't have to be real 'Pashmina' material, although you are lucky if you can afford it.

SHIMMER . . . . beauty

Add some shimmering eyeshadow to your favourite body lotion for instant radiance. Subtle glistening highlights look especially nice on the chest, shoulders and collar bones. If you want to add shimmer to your make up, try and keep to smooth areas only. If you are a little wrinkly around the eyes, then keep the shimmer on the cheeks and just under the brows and you should be fine.

CHEAP ART . . . .
Make a wooden frame and cover with some interesting wallpaper or fabric. Alternatively, use the left over paint from your walls and use a blank canvas and some masking tape to make a geometric pattern. Paint a few squares then add more white to the colour. Do this each time until the canvas is full. Then remove the masking tape for some modern art which perfectly matches your decor

Beautiful furniture and home accessories to buy online. They have a really great selection of modern sofas and great gift ideas for the kitchen. There is a 15% discount until November 5th too.


Avon Footworks Sole Support
This really does soften and smooth the soles of your feet. It has a gorgeous smell, it reminds me of hot cross buns. This is on offer at the moment at for just £2.70 from £4.50. Grab a bargain!


Leather Crop Biker Jacket
- £150.00
I can't help but fall in love with this jacket from the Kate Moss range at TopShop. It is a style statement but you need to be petite to carry it off in my opinion. Visit if you love it too!

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