Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Issue 2 - Sugar Scrub, Designer Shoes and Ribbons


Save trial size and sachet items from magazines and giveaways. They are a great way of trying a product before you buy. They are also ideal for popping into your makeup or travel bag. I always take moisturiser sachets when I go away for the weekend rather than a whole bottle which will only take up valuable packing space.

RIBBONS . . . . accessories
I can't help but save the hanging ribbons from dresses and tops that I buy. These can be tied around the wrist as an instant accessory. You can even add beads, charms or small pendents from necklaces or bracelets to jazz them up, and they often come in the prettiest colours which will match your clothes. They can also be used for giftwrapping small presents and it costs you nothing at all.

MILITARY . . . . trend
Go for military coats this winter. Long and fitted at the waist or short and sweet with brass buttons and paulettes. The best shades are black, charcoals and greys and if you want to add interest try some subtle metallic accessories such as gunmetal silver and distressed bronze. Finish the look with some leather gloves (much warmer than woven materials) Try Tescos, Primark and Matalan to pick some up for under a tenner!!

Check out your local freecycle network where you can pick up items that other people no longer need, completely free of charge. You can also offer any goods you no longer want in order to declutter your home. This service is a godsend if you are moving out for the first time and are in need of the basics to furnish your new home.

THE CROSS TRAINER . . . . body
The best all round machine in the gym. It works more muscles in the lower body than other Cardio machines. It is low impact and less likely to strain the joints and by using the handles you will also work the upper body and further increase the heart rate. This means more calories burned and a glass of guilt free vino in return for your hard work!

Hawkins Bazaar is full of all those things that you never knew you wanted and an ideal place to find quirky gifts for friends and family. Start your xmas shopping early with products that include animal elastic bands, Techno Balls, USB Finger dance mats, and pornogami!


Boots Amazon Forest Mango & Babassu Sugar Scrub - £7.50
Use on dry skin for extreme invigoration. After rinsing this leaves skin completely moisturised and has the most amazing scent too. Pampering at pocket money prices, this big tub will last ages!

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